SNEKA meeting and killifish auction Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Just a reminder that we are having a killifish auction Wednesday evening of fish brought back from the AKA convention by Bill Logue and Gary Hoover. Since this meeting’s purpose is to auction killies from the convention, it will be a no-dues meeting. Thank you to Bill and Gary for doing this for us!

Like last year, we will meet in the parking lot of Uncle Ned’s Fish Factory, . The weather forecast is clear and mild. It looks to be a nice evening. Bring a chair and whatever beverage you wish to imbibe. I will plan to arrive around 6:30 and we will try to start the auction at 7:00

Bill forwarded a list of some of the fish they purchased at the convention for the auction. There may be other fish available and it is always possible that something didn’t make it.  Here is what he sent:

Aphyosemion celiae winifredae Ebonji
Aphyosemion sp. Massemb-Loubaki RC 2016/23
Aphyosemion striatum Lamberene
Aphyosemion primigenium GBN 88/10
Aphyosemion loussense  COFE 2010/23
Aphyosemion striatum Cap Estérias
Aphyosemion exigoideum BBW 00/02
Aphyosemion rectogoense PEG 95-16
Fundulopanchax gardneri Akure
Fundulopanchax scheeli                                
Fundulopanchax walker Spurelli                            
Fundulopanchax sjoestedti                            
Fundulopanchax sjoestedti “Oteri”                        
Fundulopanchax mirabalis Nchemba ADL 13/30                    
Nothobranchius guentheri AQ                            
Nothobranchius korthause Red

If you have never been to Uncle Ned’s Fish Factory, or even if you have, I suggest you stop earlier in the day. Ned closes at 5:00 on Wednesdays although he said he may be there later tomorrow. . Uncle Ned specializes in rare fish you will not likely find elsewhere. He doesn’t usually have many killies, but he is one of the few stores that regularly gets them in. He usually has a large selection of Corydoras, L-number plecos, and other catfish. He also has a lot of tetras and nano fish, shrimp, live plants, and other hard-to-find fish. About 1/3 of the store is dedicated to cichlids: Tanganyikan, Malawi many more! He also carries amazing koi as well as other pond fish and plants. Plan to spend at least 45 minutes here. http://www.unclenedsfishfactory.com/