Fish Expected at the South Coast Tropical Fish Society Auction & Swap 11/5/2022

SNEKA will have a table at the swap meet:
Bill Logue plans to bring the following:

Epiplatys lamottei Koule groups
Epiplatys sexfasciatus CI 2021 young pairs
Epiplatys singa CI 02-2021 groups
Aphyosemion striatum Lambarene young pairs
Aphyosemion australe orange young pair
Chromaphyosemion bivittatum Funge young pairs
Fundulopanchax oeseri yong pairs
Fundulopanchax gardneri Nsukka young pair
Pseudoepiplatys annulatus group
Heterandria formosa pairs
Herotilapia multispinosa group
Nematobrycon lacortei group
Tannichthys miccagammae 2003 import CARES fish group
plants and starter cultures of live food

Romeo D plans to bring:

Aphyosemion splendopleure (pairs)
Fundulopanchax gardneri ‘Nigerianus’
Aphyosemion pyrophore ‘Lissengui’ RC 17/89 (pairs)
Epiplatys Singa CI 02-2021

Rich Pierce plans to bring:

Ameca splendens juveniles
Limia islai juveniles

I will also probably bring some vintage literature for sale.